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Can I have examples of sites on the WLD platform?

Visit https://www.justsingles.com to view an example of a landing page and https://app.justsingles.com to view the back end application.

A landing page, sometimes referred to as a lander, homepage, or splash page, is a single web page that appears in response to clicking on a marketing campaign's URL. This is where you will drive your traffic to with the aim of getting them to register. 


Examples of successful landing pages are:





For more information on what to include on your landing page click here.


Every landing page will link through to a site’s backend application (the part of the dating site that sits on the WLD platform, where members interact with each other), via a GDPR compliant registration form


We recommend that you create a test account with one of the example sites above. This way you will be able to see all site features available. 


Please note, you can only register if you are located in the country of the site you are trying to sign up to. For example, if the site is a UK site you will need to be using an IP from within the UK. If you are in another country you can use a VPN to temporarily change your location to allow you to register successfully.