How do I choose a domain name?

You're ready to get started with White Label Dating. You'll need a domain name for your dating site. What do you need to consider?

Decide on your target market

First things first, you need to decide on your target market before you can purchase your domain name. Choosing the right brand and domain is important when setting up your first site. If you get the domain right, the opportunities for growth, expansion and higher revenue generation are much wider.

Make sure you consider the audience - are they Senior, Single Parents etc? Choosing a keyword rich domain will help attract traffic to your website and help your SEO strategy.

Expanding your portfolio

When you set up a White Label Dating site you have the opportunity to expand internationally so we'd recommend purchasing a .com domain. This means you can create subdomains for all territories at no additional cost.

Niche dating domains: Your options

If you’re planning on launching an umbrella brand later down the line, you need to bear that in mind when choosing your first domain name. You have two options...

Multiple URLs: The Just Singles group is an example of a successful brand working from multiple URLs like:




Sub-domains: An alternative is to buy one domain and operate niche sites on a sub domain, such as:



Of course, that’s not to say that you can’t create a standalone niche brand.

Checking availability and purchasing your domain

When you’ve thought about which domains to buy, the next step is to determine whether the domain is available to purchase.

It’s advisable to do this as soon as possible, before building an extensive strategy – you don’t want to waste your valuable time if the domain isn’t available.

When your create a site on the White Label Dating platform, you will need to purchase:

• The domain

• Hosting for the domain

The following domain registrars are widely used and are recommended places to buy your domains from:



International domains

We operate in seven territories and therefore if you can get traffic in any of these, the recommend domains are:

• UK:              

• Ireland: .ie              

• South Africa:

•New Zealand:

• Australia:*

• Canada: .ca

• USA: .us

*Unless you have an Australian registered business, you will not be able to purchase a domain. If this isn't you, then we'd recommend a .com for your Australian sites.

We’d recommend purchasing a .com domain as they are the most widely used; .net and .co are also very strong domains and can be used across any territory.

All domains must be sent into for approval before they can be launched, so be sure to check in before you purchase your domains.