Can I add custom tracking codes to my site?

The WhiteLabelDating platform accepts many forms of custom tracking. These can be added before or after your dating site goes live.

Currently you can track your traffic through image pixels and certain JavaScript based tracking; this coupled with our UTM tracking will allow for strong optimisation opportunities.

Google Tracking

If you’d like to incorporate Google Analytics or Google AdWords tracking to your site, the code must be added to your homepage/landing page, plus in the back end application. Read on to find out how to do this.

  • My site is not yet live

If your site is not yet live, you can add your own Google Analytics code into the Partner Portal Site Creator at step 6. You need to add the UA section of the code only i.e. UA-1234567-89.

  • My site is live

If your site is already live, please send your Google Analytics code along with your site name to

Postback Tracking

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to support postback tracking.