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Can I choose my own colour scheme?

The WhiteLabelDating's Site Creator allows you to fully customise all of your site colours at Step 3.

When choosing the colour scheme for your site you should be sure to keep this inline with your homepage/landing page to ensure user experience isn't disrupted when they transition to the back end application. Clear branding is important as it signals quality to your users and promotes brand loyalty.

You can change the colours on the 'Customise Colours' tab at Step 3 in the Site Creator. You can either use a hex code, or you can use the colour select tool which appears next to each feature. This will then input the hex code for you, based on the colour you select.

The colour select tool is a round circle with multiple colours on the inside. This is a simple click and select method.

Note: Make sure your colour choice appears in the preview by clicking into an alternate field when you have selected the colour you want. It update's on click, not automatically.

You should see the preview example update immediately to the colour you have selected. Continue editing all the features until you are happy with how it looks, and it represents your homepage branding effectively. Do make sure that none of the text clashes with the background colours.

Once you’ve finished with the site colours, move on to the next tab and select your icon colour. This should also match the colour branding of the site.