How do I create landing pages in the White Label Dating Design tool?

You've created your site in the Design Tool and now it's time to build your landing page(s). This can be done within the tool's dashboard.

Before you can start building landing pages for a site, you need to have created the site in the Design Tool. If you haven't already done so, click here to see how. When this is done, you're ready to create a new landing page.

View our video guide here to see step by step how to create landing pages using our DesignTool.

How to create a new page

1. Find the site you have created in your dashboard area, click show site pages​ to add a new page.


2. Click create new page now.


3. First, you will need to enter all the basic details for your new page:

a. Enter a splash page address (a URL for your landing page).

b. Select a specific country for this page.

c. Select the form sexuality.

d. Select the age niche range of the form.

e. Click to enable links (e.g. country navigation).

  • This will generally be left as ‘Yes’, unless you are using a specific traffic source.


4. Next, you will need to link your splash page to your White Label Dating site that would have been setup in your ​Partner Portal​. You can do this through the White Label Dating site plugin.

a. Enter your application URL.

  • You can add a new WLD application ID (Site ID)and Application URL (which needs to be set up in Partner Portal).
  • Or this can be an existing WLD application ID and URL used by a an existing landing page.


5. To add meta tags:

a. Meta tags will be pre populated as they inherit the same text from the site.

b. Any of these can be overwritten and tailored towards the specific page.


6. Enter any custom meta tags you wish to use:

a. You will need both custom meta name (e.g. language) and custom meta value (e.g. English).


7. Add links to any social pages (if applicable):

a. Enter Facebook page.

b. Enter Twitter page.

c. Enter Google+ page.

d. Enter Pinterest page.

e. Enter YouTube page.


8. Select your page template:

a. The template will be pre-selected as the template you choose when creating the site initially. You can either keep this as it is, or you can choose to change it. You might change it when creating multiple pages so you can have different templates for different pages.


9. If you’ve already set up one page for this site and are making additional pages, you can import the same images, content and colours onto the page you are creating by simply selecting the 7 inheritance ​template. From here you can select which assets from a current page you would like to use for this new page.


10. Click create new page​.