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What to include on my landing page?

There are several vital elements to include on your landing page to ensure your traffic has a positive journey into your website.

Every landing page will vary in appearance, but they will all have vital components to ensure users can sign up effectively.


There are two options when it comes to creating your landing pages. You can either utilise our Free White Label Dating Design Tool, build a coded site or use a page builder elsewhere.


WhiteLabelDating's Design Tool

We would highly recommend using our Design Tool as it is completely free, we pay for all SSL certificates, the large variety of templates all contain the required compliant registration form and secure links.

It is also very easy to use. You simply click and upload images, select your colours and add your content. No code required!


Other Landing Pages

Every landing page will vary in appearance, but they will all have vital components to ensure users can sign up effectively.

The essential elements to consider and include when building your own landing page (not using our White Label Dating Design Tool) are:


1. Be Mobile Responsive

This is becoming more important than ever as the majority of traffic now visits online sites using a mobile device. You will need to ensure your site is fully responsive on mobile so that none of your traffic is lost through poor user experience.


2. Be Secured with an SSL Certificate

We run a fully secure platform and purchase all SSL certificates for the back end application of your sites.

This can be done using Cloudflare, Let's Encrypt, your hosting company, or any other methods you're aware of. Certificates are free to obtain but how they're provided to you will vary from company to company.

Find out how to secure your domain with SSL here.


3. Contain our Registration Form

White Label Dating provides you with a fully GDPR compliant registration form that you MUST use on your landing pages. If you submit a site to us with an alternate form, you will be asked to update this before your site is approved.


Your registration form should be the key element of any landing page and have a clear and concise call-to-action (CTA). It should sit above the page fold as not all members will scroll down your site and you don't want to miss anyone.

You can find a link to our GDPR registration form here. Download a PDF guide to installing the registration form here.


4. Have a Login Button

Your site should host a login button that will point members directly through to your back-end applications login page. Here they will easily be able to enter their membership details and continue engaging with your site.

The Login URL is: https://app.sitedomain.com/login/

You will need to replace app.sitedomain.com with your dating site's Application URL.


If you are creating a PPC page, the login form isn't vital as it may entice current site members back to a URL that is costing you money, and you'll end up paying for multiple clicks for members that have already been acquired.


5. Have Clear and Consistent Branding

This will include a logo, an enticing hero image, and a consistent colour scheme.

For more information on branding your dating site click here.


6. Contain Additional Homepage Links

It is important to include these links in the footer of your website for a better user experience. Please note these are all HTTPS links.

You will need to replace app.sitedomain.com with your dating site's Application URL.


About Us - https://cname.sitedomain.com/help/about.cfm

Contact Us - https://cname.sitedomain.com/member/inbox/compose.cfm?to=support

Membership - https://cname.sitedomain.com/help/membership.cfm

Terms - https://cname.sitedomain.com/help/terms.cfm

Privacy Policy - https://cname.sitedomain.com/help/privacy.cfm

Please note:
cname and sitedomain.com will need to be changed to those that have been chosen for your site.


7. Relevant Content

Your content will need to be enticing and convince a user that your site is better than the competition.

You can explain your site's features, helpful tips on dating that are specific for your target audience, etc. Your content will help boost your organic ranking and help with your SEO strategy.

You don't need a huge volume of text (particularly on PPC landers, where minimal content is key), but on other pages, it should be enough to aid you in organic rankings. Make it relevant, and don't spam your site. Google doesn't like this anymore and could do more harm than good.

If you are driving traffic through SEO and require key-word rich, high-quality content on your site (as opposed to a PPC lander that should have little content and focus on the CTA) we recommend using tools such as SEMrush and SEOrch for keyword research.


It is important that your site content does not include any untrue or misleading information. It must also not include any numerical references of false claims. For example:

  • The UK’s number one dating site
  • Australia’s most trusted dating site
  • With thousands of singles
  • Hundreds of people online now
  • Over xx million members
  • 24/7 customer support

8. Metadata

Your site's metadata describes and gives information about your site. You will include meta tags, a page title, a page description, and some on-topic keywords.

Your metadata will be pulled into your organic ads if your site is found in search engines.

If this data is effective it should also help boost your presence in search engines.

Click here to see the complete guide on Meta Tags for SEO by SEO guru Neil Patel