Hosting and uploading headers and footers

When creating a site in the Site Creator you'll need to host your headers and footers to input them at Step 3 and 4. This can be done in your hosting package.

When you've finished creating your headers and footers, before you can add them to your site you need to host the images. You can do this in the same place you bought your domain, within your hosting package.

Alternatively, if you would prefer for us to host your images for you, you should send them over to the Partner Team and they will be able to host these securely for you.

To add your header and footer to the site creator you will need to paste the source URL of the image wrapped in html script in the Header box - similar to this:

<img src="//">

All sites require a header, however a footer is optional. If you do wish to add a site footer, this can be done in exactly the same way as above, but in the Footer box.

When you've added these a preview will appear​, so check that they are showing as you would like them to. If they don't appear, there may be an issue with the image URL.

If you're experiencing issues you can reach out to our Partner Team.