How do I create a dating site with White Label Dating?

To get started you’ll need to design a landing page using our WLD Design Tool, or your own external design and development resource. Secondly, you’ll need to customise the back end application in our easy-to-use Site Creator tool.

There are two elements to building a successful White Label Dating site: 

1.  The landing page

This is where you will drive your traffic to and where members will register to become a member of your dating site. There are two ways you can create a landing page:

a) You can build a landing page for free using the WLD Design Tool. The tool has a number of fully responsive, tried, and tested dating templates that will quickly and easily allow you to add your assets and get started - no coding skills required!

b) You can use your own design resource to build a landing page from scratch. If you choose this method, you will need to use a WLD approved GDPR compliant registration form. We will provide you with a number of variations of this form to choose from.

For landing page examples and best practices when creating yours, click here.


2. The backend application

This is the part of the dating site that sites on the WLD platform and where your traffic will engage with our ever-growing database of existing members, send and receive messages, as well as upgrade to become full paying subscribers.

We’ve put together a step by step guide to creating your backend application and a site submission checklist to guide you through the process.