How to build a campaign URL

To track your marketing campaigns effectively you will need to set up campaign tracking. You can build a campaign tracking URL in the Campaign URL Builder in the Partner Portal. Here’s how…

Firstly you will need to log into the Partner Portal


From the main dashboard select Campaign URL.

Screenshot 2020-07-01 at 10.03.30

You will be presented with this page:

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 11.09.14

You will need to complete the four fields to generate your campaign URL. Please note each campaign you wish to track will need a separate URL.



This is the base URL of the campaign’s site you wish to track.


For example, if you were creating a URL to track a campaign to the URL would be


Note:  Ensure to include the https:// 

It is important to ensure that the campaign URL has only one https://www as the URL prefix. If it has more than one instance of this, the link will not work correctly. Sometimes when copy and pasting, this can be added in twice.



This is the source for which your link is coming from. This is needed to report back to where your click-throughs are coming from.


For example, Google, Bing, Facebook.



This is the name of the campaign you are creating the link for. This is so that multiple links for the same campaign can be linked together for reporting.


This will vary depending on how you wish to report on your campaigns. An example may be Christmas if you want to report together on all of your Christmas campaigns, or Mature if you want to track campaigns targeted at a mature demographic altogether.



This is the search-term for the link you are creating. 


  • If you are building an ad-campaign link, put your keyword in here now. 


  • If you are building a link to view your Google Ads report, you can enter a set of terms to match, or use {keyword:unspecified} to match all terms.


Unless you’re wanting to look at specific keywords only, we’d recommend using {keyword:unspecified} to ensure that all possible keywords are captured for reporting and optimisation purposes.


Once you have submitted all fields, click “Generate URL”. 


Your campaign URL will appear below this. 

What to do with the campaign URL


Insert the campaign URL you have created into the destination URL field of your banners, Google Ad campaigns, Bing Ads campaigns, etc. 

You’re all set. When your campaigns start collecting data it will be reported within the Campaign Tracking tool in the Partner Portal