How do I set up a CNAME record?

You've purchased your domain and you now need to point your URL to the WhiteLabelDating platform. You're ready to set up your CNAME record. Here's how...

You'll need to set up a CNAME to run a site on the White Label Dating platform. To find out what a CNAME record is and why you need one check out "What is a CNAME record?"

To setup your CNAME, you need to:

1. Go to your hosting provider. In this example, we’re using

2. Look for the area where you can ‘Manage your DNS’ for the individual domain, this is usually within your Advanced DNS settings.

3. Create a new ‘Record’.

4. Use the drop down option to select the ‘type’ of record that you would like to create and select ‘CNAME record’.

5. You’ll then need to set your subdomain in the ‘Hostname’ box.

It can be anything you like - we’d recommend using something like date, app, members, etc. Keep it short, relevant, and make sure that you update the coding on your landing page to include the subdomain URL.

For geographic sites, you could use UK or AU for example. This works especially well if you plan to expand your portfolio internationally.

6. Then you will need to direct the record to

To create the CNAME successfully, add this in where it says ‘Destination CNAME’. Different domain providers might have set-up processes that vary slightly, however, most will follow a similar course to this.

7. Click add to save the record.

Your CNAME is now created and will point to your site on the WhiteLabelDating platform. Don't worry if you can't see your site straight away - it won't appear until it has been approved by our Partner Support team. For more information about site approval check out our Site Submission Checklist.