How can I make more money from my members?

There are a number of ways you can make more money from the traffic you're sending to your dating site. Cross-registration, site optimisation and price testing to name a few!

Our Partner Team are constantly working with our Partners to enhance their revenue generation potential, and there are a number of ways you can make more money from your traffic without spending more money!

By actioning the below tips you can get more money from the traffic you're already driving, boost your conversion rates and in turn revenue from member subscriptions!


It is vital to regularly monitor and optimise your marketing campaigns. This is the process of continually evaluating and amending campaigns to ensure all the money you spend is spent wisely and not wasted. Depending on your acquisition method this could involve testing keywords and changing keyword types, targeting, bidding strategies etc.

For advert banners you can trial and test button colours, imagery, call-to-actions and so on. We'd advise optimising one element of a campaign at a time so you can really see which is making a positive or negative difference, allowing you to optimise further.

You can also optimise your landing pages, again testing imagery, layout, content, call-to-actions and so on.

Optimisation should never stop. As traffic changes and the dating market itself, there is always something to be improved.

Rate Card Testing (Price Points and Package Highlights)

Our dedicated Partner Team will carry our rate card testing on your sites to ensure they are optimised, and you are making the maximum amount of money you can for each registration you drive to your site.

Rate Card Testing involves setting live an A/B test on your site, showing 50% of members one price and 50% of members another. After an adequate amount of time and volume for each test, the team will be able to sensibly analyse the results and advise best on which price point and package mix highlights are working for your site and traffic.

Cross-Registration (Portfolio Expansion)

Expanding your portfolio with various niche sites gives you the opportunity to offer non-paying members more options that may be more suited to them.

Members may be interested in something a little more niche. For example, if you’re running a General site, you may have Single Parent members that are looking for fellow Single Parents. Why not build a Single Parent site and tailor the user experience, maximising conversion and therefore revenue potential.

You don’t need to send traffic to these additional niche sites directly unless you want to, instead you can set up some cross-sell banners and links internally so that the members from your main site(s) have the opportunity to cross-register to your additional sites. Not only will you be able to maximise revenue potential, but this will also lower CPLs/CPAs.

We have extensive cross-sell capabilities onsite and our Partner Team will be more than happy to strategise new sites and cross-sell campaigns with you to ensure they are best suited to your current traffic.

You can set up a home/landing page for each niche site, however, if you only plan to cross sell these sites internally and don’t wish to market them externally, a home/landing page isn’t necessary. You will simply need to create a CNAME record for each niche site for your current domain i.e.

These sites will also need individual headers and cross-sell banners to allow you to advertise these new niche sites to your existing members. Essentially the back end will need creating only using the Site Creator.

For more information about optimising your campaigns and building a cross-sell strategy get in touch with our Partner Team.