Managing sites in the White Label Dating Design Tool

You can manage all sites from within your Design Tool's dashboard. You will see a list of all sites you have created and a number of options for each site.

There are a number of site options in the dashboard. This is where you can manage all of the below options:

Show site pages

This will show all of the pages that operate under the specific site. Click show pages​ to see all the URLs of a site.

There will also be additional options to edit their individual colour schemes, content, and template selection.

Show settings

Clicking show settings​ will allow you to update any changes made when first creating the site (including Google Analytics tracking, site name, default country, default template).

Also you review the Domain DNS records needed for your landing pages to go live.


To remove a site (and all its pages, content, colours, images, cross sell) click the red trash ​option.

Important: ​This will remove all records of your site on the Design Tool including all pages, images, content and settings.

How to create another site

1. To create an additional site, click create new site now.

2. If you have existing sites, you can replicate that site’s assets to create a new site. Click duplicate a site now.​ You will still need to enter the basic information (site name, site domain and any Google Analytics and meta tags).

Go to import assets from... ​and use the drop down menu to select the site from which you wish to import all assets (pages, images, content, etc.) from.

Then click duplicate site now ​and this will replicate the same assets for the new site.

Please note: For every new site (new domain) you will need to update your DNS settings with the DNS records provided by the WLD Design Tool. For example, for your domain

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