Managing landing pages in the White Label Dating Design Tool

You can manage all landing pages from within your Design Tool's sites dashboard. You will see a list of all pages you have created and a number of options for each site.

You will be able to edit any the settings or content of your landing pages.

Page settings

1. Update any information that was added when first creating the page (e.g. splash page address, meta keywords, exclusive niching, page template).

2. Click update page​ to apply changes.

Note:​ Depending on which page template you have selected you will have a different amount of content, image, and colour placements to edit.


1. Under desktop actions​, you’ll see input boxes for each section of content the page can hold.

2. On the right is a live window panel to show you how any changes look.

3. For any content placement simply enter your text into the input field. a. General HTML tags and styles are accepted.

4. After any changes scroll to the bottom and click update page content​.


1. Under desktop actions​, you’ll see all the image placements available for the page.

2. Note:​ All images have a file size limit of 500kb​.

3. Add an image – On the placement you wish to edit select choose file​, select your image file from your computer and click add​.

4. Update an image – To update an image, simply click choose file​ again and click add​ to overwrite the previous image.

5. Delete an image – Click the bin icon to delete an image.


1. Under desktop actions​, you’ll find all the input areas for colour placements.

2. Click inside one of the input boxes with a colour code (e.g. #FFFFFF) to activate the colour selector.

3. Select your colour from the colour selector.

4. Click update colours​ on the colour placement. Note:​ Depending on the template selected for a page, the page may or may not be eligible for cross registration.

Member feed (depending on template)

1. Under desktop actions​, you’ll find member feed​ settings ​where you can enable/disable or customise the member feed.

2. The member feed is enabled by default.

3. Toggle the options to enable or disable the member feed:

4. If enabled, you may customise your member feed further with the following:

  • Select the gender of members on your member feed.
  • Select the age range of your member feed to display.

5. Click Save Changes​ to save your member feed customisation.

Testimonials (depending on template)

1. Under desktop actions​, you’ll find testimonial settings​ where you can customise the generic testimonials.

2. Note:​ All images have a file size limit of 500kb​.

3. To add a testimonial to the testimonial feed, click choose file ​in any available panel and select an image.

  • Enter any relevant copy to appear under the testimonial image. For example, details of success story.

(Any success story you feature on your site must be genuine. Get in touch with Partner Support to discuss getting success stories for your site.)

  • To complete, click update testimonial​.

4. Any details can be overwritten by making your changes and clicking update testimonial​ again.

5. To delete a testimonial, click the bin​ icon to remove a testimonial from the testimonial feed.