What network types do you offer?

You can choose which Network your site operates in. The network will vary have depending on your sites predominant niche.

WhiteLabelDating offers a variety of network types, depending on which territory the site is linked to. Beside each network below you will see which can be created in specific territories.

The Networks are:

General/Mainstream (All territories)

Our mainstream network is for people who are looking for mainstream dating and/or a serious relationship.

Adult/Casual (All territories)

This network is for those looking for short term casual relationships.

Alternative (UK Only)

The alternative network is for people who enjoy an alternative lifestyle.

Gay (All territories excluding New Zealand)

Our gay network is for those looking to meet someone of the same sex.

We also offer further niches that fall into the above network types. Some popular examples are:


You can create a site on our General network and niche the Religion of the site to Christian. This means the default search will show only members who have selected Christian as their religion unless they expand their search criteria.

Gay Adult

If you want to create a Gay Adult site you will need to do this on the Adult network and niche the site's Sexuality to gay.