What is a site's package mix?

Your site's package mix is the highlighted subscription from your chosen price point. You can highlight one of your four subscription options.

The package mix determines which subscription appears as a default on the dating site payments page. It will show at the top and be highlighted in a bold box (the other three will appear as normal underneath).

The four options are one month, three months, six months, and one year subscriptions.

Each of the one, three, and six month subscriptions will re-bill automatically at the end of the subscription.

Highlight Screenshot

Which should I choose?

Each site will vary in terms of the best performing package mix. You can select a three or six-month package highlight to encourage users to purchase longer subscriptions, meaning that they pay more up-front. This gives you high expected lifetime revenues straight away.


Typically, sites targeting a younger demographic work best on the 1 month highlight package, as these members prefer to buy shorter subscriptions, and part with less money on their initial transaction, but they can still stay for equally long periods.


Optimising package mix

The package mix can be changed after the site is live. As well as site pricing optimisation, our Partner Team will carry out rate card testing on package mixes to ensure your sites are performing the best they can with the traffic that you drive to the site.

Testing can be ongoing, as when traffic sources and user behaviour changes, the most effective price point and package mix could change too.