What price point should I use?

Our team will help choose a desirable price point for your dating site. The price point is the cost of a subscription for your dating site.

The price that you charge for your site subscriptions is a key factor in influencing the conversion rate of your site, as well as the lifetime value of each member.

When selecting price points, be sure to research the market and any existing competitor sites to help you determine an appropriate price. Be sure to think about the target audience that will be registering to your site and their disposable income, as this will also affect the site’s conversion rate too.

When our Partner Support team review new site launches, they will also advise you on the price points that you have chosen in the site creation process to ensure revenue generation opportunities are maximised from the get-go.

Price points

Each of our price points has 4 different options depending on the subscription length a member opts for. The options are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months. All of these will re-bill except the 12 month subscription.

Some popular pricing options are outlined below:

Platinum A

1 month: £19.95

3 months: £39.95

6 months: £64.95

12 months: £89.95


1 month: £24.95

3 months: £49.95

6 months: £79.95

12 months: £124.95

Diamond UK37

1 month: £37.00

3 months: £65.00

6 months: £99.00

12 months: £129.00

You can view more price points here.

Price optimisation

Our dedicated Partner Team will carry our rate card testing on your sites to ensure they are optimised, and you are making the maximum amount of money you can for each registration you drive to your site.

Package mix highlights

Every site will display all 4 subscription options, but you will also choose one to be highlighted, we call this the site's Package Mix. For example to get more Initial Revenue from a subscriber you may wish to push them towards the 3 or 6 month package at the higher price.

Package mix performance will vary by site and will also be tested alongside price by our Partner Team along with the optimisations above.