Where can I purchase a domain and hosting?

You've chosen your domain and it's available! Firstly you'll need to register with a domain registrar and set up your hosting.

To buy your domain, we’d recommend using either 123-reg.co.uk or Godaddy.com. These are popular domain registrars. Here’s an example of how to buy a domain using 123-reg.co.uk:

1. If you’re a new customer, sign up and create an account. You will be asked to verify your account via email. Once you’ve done this you can log in. If you’re a returning customer, simply log back in.

2. Under the sub-section, Domain names, click on ‘Buy a new domain’.

3. Type the desired domain name you are looking to buy into the white box, excluding any extensions such as .com or .org etc. 

4. The site will show you all of the domains available under that name. The page also shows you the price of each domain name - this will vary depending on how long you want it for.

5. Once you’ve chosen your domain name, click ‘Add’ to add the name to your basket and then click ‘Continue’ in the Nav bar.

6. Next you have the option to purchase domain privacy. When you register a domain name with a registrar, your registration details such as your name, address and phone number are automatically entered into a publicly available database.

If you would like to hide your details, you can buy identity protection and get domain privacy meaning your registration details won’t be publicly available.

7. Next, add your registration details. The information you enter will be used to register your domain name and represents the owner of the domain.

8. The site will ask you whether you want to add any extras to your basket such as email or VPS. Select the extras you would like, if any, and then click ‘Checkout’.

9. You will be taken to your basket, check that the domain name is correct and then continue by clicking ‘Go to checkout’.

10. Your order will be summarised and you’ll be asked for your payment details. Once you’ve filled these in, click ‘Order and pay now’.

11. Once the payment is complete, you should see a confirmation page with the heading ‘Payment complete’. The details of your purchase will also be email to the email address you provided.

Setting up hosting for your domain

Once you’ve set up your domain, you will also need to purchase web hosting so that your sites can be hosted on the Internet.

You should be able to purchase hosting from the same site you bought your domain i.e. 123.reg.co.uk or Godaddy.com.

Hosting packages usually include hosting for your site(s), cloud storage, bandwidth allowance, email addresses and domain hosting. Packages will vary in price depending on how many sites you and how much traffic you wish to host.

Securing your domain with SSL

The White Label Dating platform is fully secure and you therefore you need to ensure your landing page is secure too. If you are planning to build and host your own landing page you will need to do this, however, if you're using our Design Tool to build your landing page then we take care of this for you!

To secure any landing pages that aren't on our free tool you can use Cloudflare, LetsEncrypt your hosting company or any other methods you’re aware of to get an SSL certificate. Certificates are free to obtain but how they’re provided to you will vary from company to company.

We would highly recommend Cloudflare as it is simple to set up, your name servers will be directly pointed to them and you’ll be good to go.