How can I secure my domain with SSL?

The White Label Dating platform is fully secure so your landing pages will need to be too. Here's how and where you can obtain SSL certificates.

To ensure our White Label Dating platform is fully secure we purchase all SSL certificates for the back end application of your sites and ensure that all app URLs are HTTPS.

We run a fully secure platform to ensure our partners benefit from enhanced rankings within Google and other search engines. Having secure sites eliminates browser warnings and will help boost your SEO performance.

You could see up to a 10% increase in organic registrations just from having a fully secure site so this is a vital part of getting your site up and running.

"I'm using the White Label Dating Design Tool"

If you're building your sites on the WLD Design Tool, you will automatically benefit from SSL. Any sites built on our Design Tool will be secured by us, saving you time and money. All you need to do is set up your DNS records to match those in the instruction manual and you're good to go.

"My site is not on the White Label Dating Design Tool"

If you wish to build your own coded dating site, or use another design tool variant, you will need to obtain your own SSL certificate(s). This can be done using Cloudflare, Let's Encrypt, your hosting company or any other methods you're aware of. Certificates are free to obtain but how they're provided to you will vary from company to company.

We recommend using Cloudflare are it is free and easy to set up, simply pointing your name servers directly to them.

If you're using your own coded site, you will need to use our WLD Registration Form. This automatically posts securely to us. You will however need to ensure that all other site links are HTTPS, including your login forms and additional homepage links, e.g. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy etc.