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What assets do I need to create my site?

When creating a site with White Label Dating you will need a desktop header (and optional footer), an email header and a mobile logo.

Desktop header (and optional footer)

A site header is a vital branding component, as it makes the back end of your site unique and distinguishable from others on the White Label Dating platform.

It’s important to take care over creating your site and make sure that it represents your homepage branding. You should use the same colours, fonts and theme as on your landing page to provide members with a seamless transition between your landing page and the back end application of your site.


Desktop headers should be a 960px x (120px) .png or .jpg file.


Use high quality images that match your homepage branding, consistency will increase the perceived value of your brand.


Email header (and optional footer)

The White Label Dating comms team send creative and engaging email content to communicate with members; these help drive conversions and member engagement on your sites.

Upload an email header so that members see your site’s branding at the top of any emails sent out to them. This is usually a slightly smaller version of your desktop header (and footer).


Email headers should be a 760px x (120px) .png or .jpg file.


Mobile logo

This is the logo that will appear on the mobile version of your site. It must be clear and concise. It will be your site's logo (matching the landing page and desktop/email headers) on a transparent background. It shouldn't contain any background imagery that may disrupt the logo text.


The logo needs to be 560px x 200px on a transparent background .png file.


This can be used for both the Large Logo and Masthead. The masthead will resize itself despite notifying you the size is 248px x 68px in the Portal itself, so you only need to create one.


Uploading your assets

When you are ready to upload your assets this can be done from steps 3-5 in the Portal's Site Creator.

The mobile logo has a click and upload function for both sizes.

The desktop and email headers/footers will need hosting before they can be added to the Site Creator. To find out how to host and upload your headers/footers click here.