Creating your site in the Partner Portal

Your landing page is complete and you're ready to build your site in White Label Dating's Site Creator within the Partner Portal.

After you have created your landing page, you'll need to create your back end application. This is the part of your dating site that sits on the White Label Dating platform. It is fully customisable and allows you to portray your brand at every step.

Here's an example of how your site could look when it is finished.

To find our Site Creator, navigate to the 'Create Site' link to the left of your portal's dashboard.

We have created a Site Submission Checklist for you to use to get started.

There are seven steps to be completed before your site can be approved.

Step 1 - Characteristics

This is where you add the main details of your site, including Site Name, Country, Network type, Payment band (site price point) and Package mix (highlighted price).

Step 2 - Targeting

This is where you'll add the default search features of your site, including Age Range and Sexuality. Interests and Characteristics are also optional at this stage if you are creating a niche site.

Step 3 - Desktop

This step allows you to design the desktop version of your back end application. You will choose the Colours and Icons, Headers and Footers, as well as optional Custom Tracking Codes where applicable.

Step 4 - Email

Here you will customise the emails the members will receive. You colour scheme will be pulled through from the previous step and you'll just need to add in your hosted Email Header and Footers.

Step 5 - Mobile

The mobile design will be customised here. You'll need a Mobile Logo. This step also allows you to choose your mobile site colour theme.

Step 6 - Domain & Services

Now it's time to input your Splash Page Address and your Application URL. If you already have Google Analytics set up, you can also add the code in here, if not you can leave this blank.

Step 7 - Confirm

... and you're done! Submit your site for approval and it will be sent to our Partner Team to review. They will check to make sure everything is ready to go before you start sending traffic.

If you want to delay the site submission you can also do so at this step. When you come back to edit this site you will be automatically brought back to this final page.