Can I niche my site?

The White Label Dating Platform allows you to niche your site more narrowly than simply General, Mainstream and Gay.

Niching is a great way to offer members a more tailored user experience. We recommend expanding your portfolio with various niche sites so that you can cross-register non-converted members to other sites in your portfolio and maximise your revenue potential.

We allow you to niche your sites not only by Network and Age, but also by Interests and Characteristics.


If you wanted to set up a niched site for members who love rock music, for example, you would select rock music as an interest. Therefore, members within our shared database who have selected the same interest will be visible to members of your site as their default search.

When you select an interest, make sure that you press ‘Add Interest’ to save the filter. The estimated member pool figure should update when you have done this. This will tell you how successful this niche may be. More members means more engagements and higher conversion rates.


The characteristics filter allows you to target members by their characteristics, of which there are many options.

For example, if you want to set up a dating site for people who are divorced, click the marital status characteristic and select the divorced box. Then save filter. This means that anyone who hasn’t indicated that they are divorced will not be visible to other members on the site in their default search.

Please note: All sites allow members to expand their search criteria should they wish, to show a greater number of members from our shared database that aren't from the sites default niche.

The expanded search will not cross over into other networks, for example a member in the General network will not then be exposed to those on the Adult network. These always remain separate, unless a user signs up, or cross-registers to another network.