What is snapshot conversion rate?

Snapshot conversion rate tells you what percentage of your registrations went on to upgrade their account (conversion to full) within a certain period, irrespective of the member signup date.

To calculate snapshot conversion rate you should divide the number of initials (upgrade) in a specific timeframe by the number of basic members fin that same time period (x 100).


The formula is as follows:

(initials / basics) x 100

For example, if 150 people sign up to your dating site and 15 people upgrade to a paid subscription (initial), your conversion rate is 10%

(150 / 15) x 100 = 10%


Conversion will always vary slightly depending on the territory, network, niche and acquisition source.

As a guideline we'd say that the below conversion rates are average:

Mainstream - 4-7%

Adult - 3-6%