What can I track through the Partner Portal?

Our Campaign Tracking tool gives to an extensive view of which of your campaigns are working and which require optimisation. You can track 'free' registrations and paying members separately.

From within the Campaign Tracking tool, you can see which sources, campaigns and keywords attract traffic that converts into full paying members, allowing you to refine your marketing strategy further by analysing what is and is not working well.

The Partner Portal can generate a number of reports, including:

  • Member conversions by timeframe whereby you can see how long on average it takes your members to convert, so you can gauge return

  • Revenue and membership by timeframe which will show you the level of revenue or sign ups for a particular period so you can gauge the success of a campaign should you have trialled something new

  • Campaign tracking results will allow you to track all online campaigns and adverts through to sign up and conversion so you can determine which campaigns are proving profitable

  • Payments by subscription period will show you what subscriptions your members are paying for so you can determine which price pint attracts your users and can amend price to further improve uptake

  • Members by location will show you the region of your registrations and how they upgrade. This means you can target high converting regions in your marketing

  • Members by age range will show you the age of your members and how each age range converts, again allowing you to tailor your advertising campaigns

  • Scammers by timeframe will show you how many scammers have been identified on your site and what day they registered so you can again optimise your advertising

All of these reports will help you drill down into finding out what makes members register to your site, and which traffic sources convert into paying members.