What does a referral mean in my campaign tracking reports?

Referrals are the count of visitors to your landing page. You can use this metric to calculate the registration rate to a basic membership for a particular campaign and/or landing page to determine its effectiveness.

Referral count (referral traffic) is the number of visits to your landing page for each of your tracked campaigns.


When someone visits your landing page through a tracked URL, for example, a Google ad, our campaign tracking reports will track this as a referral. The count of referrals from a campaign should, therefore, match the number of clicks in your external tracking tools, for example, Google Ads.


In order for your campaign tracking reports to generate accurate, useful data, you must ensure the White Label Dating campaign tracking script is installed in your landing page code. If you are using the WLD Design Tool to create your landing pages, this will already be present. If you are using a custom-built landing page, you (or your developer) will need to add this code manually.


More metric definitions can be viewed in summary here.