What is a bolton?

A bolton is a paid add-on that a full paying member can purchase onsite to enhance their experience, for example highlighting their profile in search results to stand out and receiving email alerts when their sent messages have been read.

Boltons are additional paid features that a full paying member can purchase to enhance their onsite experience. A basic member also has the option to view boltons, however, they will first be prompted to upgrade their membership to a paid subscription.


The boltons offered to members can be seen here:


In order for your campaign tracking reports to generate accurate, useful data, you must ensure the White Label Dating campaign tracking script is installed in your landing page code. If you are using the WLD design tool to create your landing pages, this will already be present. If you are using a custom-built landing page, you (or your developer) will need to add this code manually. 


More metric definitions can be viewed in summary here.