What is a CNAME record?

What is a CNAME record and why do you need one?

A CNAME record is a way of pointing a domain name to a platform like WhiteLabelDating.com.

It allows you to mask our platform domain so your traffic will see only yours.

For example, if your domain is JustSingles.com, creating a CNAME will allow your site to appear as dating.JustSingles.com with no reference to WhiteLabelDating.com in the URL.

This is also great for user experience, as when your traffic leaves your landing page and ends up on our platform (your WLD site) they feel as though they're in the same place.

Your CNAME doesn't have to be called dating, some other popular choices are members, app, date, etc. We advise that you keep it short and relevant, and make sure that it is reflected in the coding of your landing page.

For geographic based sites, a recommended option is to use uk or au etc., especially if you are looking to expand your portfolio internationally.

For more information on how to set up a CNAME check out 'How to set up a CNAME record'.