What is a cost per lead (CPL)?

Cost per lead, also known as CPL, is the amount you spend on acquiring a lead (a basic member). Your CPL is calculated by dividing your spend by the number of new leads (basic members) on your dating site.

Knowing your CPL will help you understand how cost-effective your marketing campaigns are and will help you to understand your ROI. Understanding how much you can afford to spend on a basic member is crucial to ensure you aren’t wasting money on campaigns that don’t bring you a return. 


You should work out how much you can afford to spend on a basic member by looking at total revenue per basic (TRPB) then optimising your marketing campaigns until the CPL matches, or betters, this cost. If you cannot, it means this site will not bring a return, and therefore your should consider moving your efforts to another source of site and stopping spend on this one.


You should work out a desired CPL for each site and/or source as different traffic sources and sites across different networks will generate different TRPBs.