What is a rebill?

A rebill is a full paying member that has not canceled their subscription and will, therefore, incur repeat billing with our subscription service to continue using your dating site. Rebill revenue is the revenue generated through this action.

White Label Dating operates a subscription business and therefore when a member opts in to paying on a dating site they are advised they will be rebilled until they choose to cancel their subscription.


Your rebill member count within the key metrics report is the number of members that have not canceled their subscription and will, therefore, incur repeat billing as they continue to use your dating site. They will be recorded as a rebill on the day that they are rebilled. You can view this data with preset or custom timeframes.


How often a user is rebilled will depend on the subscription package they opted for when upgrading (1m, 3m or 6m). A member will rebill on the same package they upgraded on. 


For example, a member that upgraded on a one month subscription will rebill every one month, a member that upgraded on a three month subscription will upgrade every three months and so on. The 12 month subscription, however, does not rebill. A member is able to cancel their subscription at any time by contacting our customer support team via the instructions on-site.


The longer a member stays on the site, the more times they will rebill and generate a higher lifetime value (LTV). The higher LTV a member has, the more you can afford to acquire them. Campaigns become more profitable as members continue to rebill. 


In order for your campaign tracking reports to generate accurate, useful data, you must ensure the White Label Dating campaign tracking script is installed in your landing page code. If you are using the WLD design tool to create your landing pages, this will already be present. If you are using a custom-built landing page, you (or your developer) will need to add this code manually. 


More metric definitions can be viewed in summary here.