What is a same-day conversion?

A same-day conversion is recorded when a member upgrades their subscription on the same day that they join a dating site. To calculate this, divide the number of initials on a particular day into the number of registrations on that same day x 100.

Same day conversion rate is a good indicator of good quality traffic. It helps you to understand your ROI quicker and make faster marketing decisions to bring the best return. Not all traffic will convert on the same day. If users don’t convert on the same day that they join, our in-house engagement team will aim to get them back onto the site and into the billing cycle through a range of on-site communication and engagement emails.


It is important to remember that some traffic will convert up to day 7, and some even by day 30, although we can assume that if traffic has not converted by day 7 and they have not verified their email address, then they are unlikely to return and upgrade past this date.