What is a white label dating solution?

A white label product or service means you’re able to remove a Company’s brand from their product and add your own. Our white label dating solution means you can create a dating site using our online dating software and fully brand it as your own.

White Label Dating is a white label solution, meaning your business can run dating sites using our software platform and fully brand them as your own. 


All you need to do is build your dating site’s landing page and link it through to our back end application (the part of the dating site that sits on our platform, where members interact with each other). 


You’re able to create and customise both the landing page and the back end application of your dating site(s) with colour themes, logos, and other assets that match your brand.  


To create your landing page, you have the option to use our free WLD Design Tool (that has loads of tried and tested easy-to-use dating templates), or you can use your own design and development resource to build a customised landing page (we’ll provide you with a GDPR compliant registration form for this).  


To create the back end application, you will use our simple Site Creator within the Partner Portal. 


As part of our white label dating solution, we take care of everything else behind the scenes, including product development, payment processing, customer support, member engagement, and more! For a full overview of what we do for you, click here.


We’ve created a simple checklist to help get you started. It’s quick and easy. You can be making money in as little as 72 hours!