What is Campaign Tracking and how do I set it up?

Campaign tracking is essential for monitoring your site's performance and analysing your ROI. You can track all campaigns directly within the Partner Portal after you follow these steps.

Within the main dashboard of the Partner Portal you will find the Campaign Tracking tool. This is an essential tool that allows you to monitor the performance of your sites and analyse your return on investment. 


The tool will help you identify which of your sites are achieving the most registrations and the highest conversion rates. You should use this information to optimise your marketing campaigns accordingly. 


How to set up campaign tracking


There are three steps you need to follow to track your campaigns correctly:


  1. Make sure that any site you drive traffic to has the campaign tracking script inserted into the HTML (the script should be inserted before the closing body tag - </body> )


  1. Create your unique tracking URL in the Campaign URL Builder (click here for more information on how to do this). Insert the current URL of your landing page, the traffic source you want to measure, the campaign name and in the field labeled ‘keyword’ you should input {keyword:unspecified}.


  1. Insert the campaign URL you have created into the destination URL field of your banners, Google Ad campaigns, Bing Ads campaigns, etc. 

You’re now ready to start tracking your traffic sources