What is cross-registration?

Cross-registration/Cross-sell is a great way of maximising the revenue generated per member by providing an alternate site offering when they have already signed up on your initial site and not upgraded.

Cross-registering your members is an excellent way of increasing your ROI by offering members an alternative site to upgrade on if the first site didn't turn out to be exactly what they were looking for.

You can create multiple niche sites within your own brand that offer your non-upgraded (basic) members a more tailored alternative.

You should aim for 20% of your registrations to cross-sell to a second or even third site. The more opportunities that you can offer your members to convert, the better your ROI.

What does Cross-sell look like on site?

Our platform offers a number of cross-sell spots on both desktop and mobile. These come in the form of banners and linked CTA's. Below is an example of a navigation bar drop down with a variety of alternate site offerings from the JustSingles portfolio.


For more information about the variety of cross-sell spots we offer reach out to the Partner Team today.

How to structure your cross-sell strategy

When planning your strategy it is important to think about when and who you will display the campaigns to. Not all options will be suitable for everyone.


We'd recommend displaying your cross-sell campaigns to members after Day 1 or 2 after they signup. This gives them enough time to upgrade. If during this time they haven't we can then expose them to some more dating offerings.


You can display banners to not only Basic members, but to Full members too. It isn't unheard of that members pay for two, or more, sites at the same time and therefore we don't want to limit them.

You also have the option to display different banners to male and female members. You can also target by age.

Tracking the effectiveness of your cross-sell campaigns

You can add UTM parameters to the code of all cross-sell banners. By implementing this, you will be able to view the performance of every cross-sell banner you use within the Campaign Tracking tool in the Partner Portal.

How to implement cross-sell

At the moment it is only possible for our Partner Support team to implement your campaigns for you. Reach out to them today.