Why is a White Label Dating site not an app?

Dating sites created on the White Label Dating platform are mobile web applications that are fully optimised for all devices, including mobiles, allowing members to date whenever and wherever it suits them.

Although sites that run on the White Label Dating platform are not typical ‘app store’ apps, our dating sites are ‘mobile web applications’ which means they can be used perfectly on mobile and smaller devices from a user's web browser.


Our sites are all fully optimised for mobile, tablet, and desktop. Users can access your dating site(s) on the go, enabling them to search for other members, read and send messages and pay for a subscription at any time, from any location. All they need is a connection to the web.


Every site on the White Label Dating platform is responsive to all devices which removes the need for your users to search for and download a traditional store app.


This also saves you money. App providers, such as Apple’s App Store, charge a 30% commission fee on any subscription made via your app. We continuously improve our mobile web offering to ensure that our partners can spend on activities that will make them more money, for example, marketing, rather than subscription fees to app providers. 


If you wish to create an app for your dating site and use this to drive traffic to your website, we can support this. Your app will link through to our mobile web app and members will use the site via the web.